Immigration Services in Belgium

Belgium is a country that has much to offer and it has a long history of being a cross-cultural center at the heart of Europe. Foreigners from many countries seek various employment or business opportunities here and benefit from the country’s connectivity to other important European countries.

Immigrating to Belgium is a multi-step process that starts with identifying a motive for relocating to the country long-term. This can be for employment purposes, as well as for studying at a Belgian university or reuniting with family as well as marrying a Belgian citizen or resident. The process starts with applying for the right type of Belgium residence permit.

The Brussels-Capital Region is the one that offers many of the employment opportunities as it also holds the European Parliament, the European Commission as well as other important headquarters. Administratively, the country is divided into three regions: the Brussels-Capital one, the Flemish region (Flanders) and the Walloon region (Wallonia). Each of these is also subdivided into smaller provinces.

Understanding the country’s profile, mainly its three distinct regions and the trilingual profile, is essential before moving here and our immigration lawyer in Belgium can provide the adequate assistance needed by all foreign nationals who are just starting to understand the country’s profile.

Specialized services offered by our immigration lawyer in Belgium

Moving to a new country is an important step and one that will involve a certain amount of pre-planning and decisions. Pursuing an employment opportunity is often the reason why many foreign nationals choose to move to Belgium, however, family reunification is also an important reason to move to the country, either when one member of the family is already living in the country or when one chooses to marry or legally cohabitate with a Belgian citizen or resident. The latter is a situation in which the foreign national may also be interested in applying for Belgian citizenship.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Belgium offers the following types of services:

  1. Choosing the right type of visa: there are several types of visas in Belgium intended for short or long-term stay; the needed visa will depend on the motive for the stay, be it for employment, research or study; our team can help guide applicants when choosing the appropriate form; we offer detailed information about each type of Belgium residence permit;
  2. Visa application assistance: we offer complete assistance during the visa application process; this is a step that takes place with the Belgian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of origin, however, we can provide guidance on the needed documents;
  3. Pre-immigration guidance: our immigration lawyer in Belgium is ready to provide details on all of the steps that are required before arriving in the country that include but are not limited to obtaining the visa; others may also include signing a preliminary property purchase or rental agreement as well as many other arrangements;
  4. Post-immigration assistance: our team is also ready to provide complete guidance on the steps that are required once an individual arrives in the country and takes up employment; these can include arranging for health insurance, paying social security contributions, and many others.

Irrespective of your reason to relocate to this country, seeking immigration services in Belgium, like those offered by our team, can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to prepare for the move as well as streamline the entire process. You will find that our team is reliable and personalizes the services so that they meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We will help you prepare the documents needed for the Belgium residence permit.

While the reasons to immigrate to Belgium  may be the same (namely, employment), one’s personal situation may dictate the manner in which the process will unfold. A new employee in Belgium who has a family will need to plan for his or her children and their education as well as establish the main necessities such as accommodation. This is where the assistance offered by our team of immigration lawyers in Belgium can make an important difference.

The video below lists the main steps for moving to Belgium:

Reasons to immigrate to Belgium

What are the main reasons why Belgium is an attractive country? We list the top ones below:

  • Multiculturalism: Belgium is a country with three official languages (French, German and Dutch) where both European nationals, as well as people from all around the world, make up for a diverse population profile; many foreign nationals will choose to apply for Belgian citizenship after the permitted period;
  • Employment opportunities: because it is located at the heart of Europe and it is also the seat of many important EU institutions, Belgium offers employment opportunities in diplomacy, healthcare, retail, transport, import and export, and in a number of other areas; our  immigration lawyer in Belgium can give you details about the employment laws;
  • Connectivity: the country is well connected to its neighboring countries as well as other European states and on an international level;
  • Services: living in Belgium has many benefits and one that is worth mentioning is the quality of the available healthcare services; the education services are also an important point to consider for foreign nationals who are immigrating to Belgium with their children.

These are just some of the reasons that make Belgium an attractive country for relocation purposes. What’s more, investors or entrepreneurs who are considering moving their business can also benefit from the country’s location as well as several incentives for companies.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, the country’s population is on a growing trend, as follows:

  • at the beginning of 2019 the resident population consisted of 11,431,406 individuals;
  • the annual population growth rate is of 55,336 persons (a 0.49% growth rate);
  • the national population growth is driven both by a positive natural balance (more births) and a positive migration balance with more immigrants that migrants: 50,180 immigrants in 2018.

Irrespective of the reason why you choose to move to Belgium, you should know that seeking professional immigration services would allow you to rest assured that you comply with all of the current rules and regulations applicable to foreign nationals. Our team can help you obtain a residence permit as well as apply for Belgian citizenship, when the time comes.

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