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About Us

Moving to Belgium is a process that requires planning, thoughtful consideration, and following a few key steps. You can choose to go through all of these changes with the help of our team of immigration agents. Over the years, we have helped many foreign nationals with guidance and assistance during their relocation process and we are able to answer all questions regarding immigration and the current laws that apply to foreign nationals in Belgium.

Pauline Mottet is our experienced immigration attorney in Belgium. She can assist clients who are interested in moving to Belgium. Pauline strives to provide quick solutions, tailored to individual needs so that the transition to Belgium is as smooth as possible.

Who are we?

We are a team of lawyers and agents specialized in Belgium immigration. Our team of attorneys specializes in immigration law as well as international law and individuals rights. We are able to provide legal services as well as general guidance in many areas related to migration as well as asylum. Some of our main practice areas include the following:

  • General immigration law: our attorneys can provide legal counsel as well as legal representation in all cases concerning Belgium’s foreign policy on migration;
  • Working in Belgium: citizens from the EU as well as from third-countries have the right to work in Belgium under certain conditions and provided that they engage in lawful work agreements; we can provide details on the employer’s and the employee’s duties and liabilities when hiring foreign nationals in Belgium;
  • Asylum and refugee law: a special area of practice in which our Belgium immigration lawyer assists asylum seekers and those who apply for special family reunification in the context of refugee law;
  • Family law: also related to the matter of lawfully uniting families in which one of the members is already living in Belgium; our lawyers handle each family reunification case in accordance with the current legal provisions and by taking into account the needs of the family.

Providing legal services to immigrants is a specialized area of practice in which our team has worked for a long time. We value our clients and put their needs first, knowing that the decision to move to Belgium, or indeed to any other country, is one that will initiate a chain of changes for the individual and for the family.

Why choose us?

Our law firm has advised many individuals looking forward to relocating to Belgium for employment, business, study or family reunification purposes. Understanding individual motivations for the move is important when counseling our clients. This is why we treat each case with attention and consideration for one’s individual background. We can advise foreign nationals who wish to seek employment opportunities in Belgium as well as provide guidance and details to those seeking to reunite with their spouse who is already living in Belgium.

The country is known for its multiculturalism and the fact that it is tri-lingual. Many of the immigrants who are interested in moving to Belgium will know one of the three languages to a certain degree (these are French, Dutch, and German). However, those who are not familiar with the languages just yet will benefit from the help offered by our team of lawyers who have worked with many international clients and can provide assistance in English as well as the three aforementioned languages.

What are our Belgium immigration services?

We provide services to those looking to obtain a visa for entering Belgium irrespective of the duration of their stay and nationality. We also provide guidance and assistance for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship after having lawfully lived in the country for the minimum amount of time. In summary, we offer assistance with the following issues:

  1. Obtaining a short-stay visa for Belgium: not all foreign nationals need a visa to enter Belgium for short periods of time; however, when this is required, our team of lawyers provides assistance for obtaining business, cultural or family visit visas;
  2. Obtaining an authorization for longer stays: this is the visa type D, which allows the holder to stay in the country for more than the permitted 90 days; we can provide assistance for obtaining this visa type;
  3. Taking up employment in Belgium: are you interested in working in Belgium? We can provide details on the foreign national recruitment process, signing an employment agreement with a Belgian employee and other details relating to the rights of foreign workers in the country;
  4. Studying in Belgium: our immigration lawyer in Belgium also provides assistance to students who are looking forward to studying at a Belgian university, such as KU Leuven.

Please keep in mind that these are not all of the services we provide with our clients. We offer complete pre and post-immigration assistance to foreign nationals and can answer any questions related to moving to the country permanently.

The Belgian population has grown in recent years, as many foreign nationals are interested in the various employment opportunities in the country. Belgium’s position at the heart of Europe, as well as the general living conditions, are also important factors that drive the population increase. Below, our team of specialists in Belgium immigration highlights the main growth of the population, with the help of data issued by the Belgian statistical office:

  • at the beginning of 2019 there were 11,431,406 people living in the country;
  • 5,803,178 of the total population were women and 5,628,228 were men (51% vs. 49%);
  • it was estimated that the total number of people in the country has been growing by 0.49% per year.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Belgium for more details about our areas of practice and about how we can assist you.