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Belgium Digital Nomad Visa

Belgium Digital Nomad Visa

While there is no formal Belgium digital nomad visa, non-EU foreign nationals who wish to work in Europe for a longer period of time can choose to remain in the country with a short-term visa.

EU citizens planning on entering Belgium for remote work purposes can do so without a visa if their intended period of stay is less than 90 months.

For all others, applying for an equivalent of a Belgium digital nomad visa is easier with our help. Our Belgium immigration specialists can help you apply for a visa in due time, as well as answer any post-arrival questions.

The equivalent of a Belgium digital nomad visa

Remaining in Belgium is possible for all foreign nationals, however, the conditions apply differently according to nationality.

As an EU citizen, you can work from Belgium if you are a digital nomad for three months without requiring a visa.

Other foreign nationals, such as US citizens, do not require a visa when entering the country for up to 90 days.

If you are a citizen of Egypt or China who wishes to work remotely from Belgium, you will need to apply for a visa for short-term purposes that will be used as an equivalent of a digital nomad visa, as you will prove that you have sufficient financial means through your remote work.

The conditions for the short-term visa for Belgium, applicable in the case of non-EU nationals, are the following:

  1. Valid documents: the applicant will need to provide a valid travel document, along with other documents as may be needed to document the stay;
  2. Medical insurance: valid travel health insurance is required during the entire stay in Belgium; this is concluded for the entire Schengen area and has a minimum cover of EUR 30,000;
  3. Financial means: the individual must be able to show that he/she has at least EUR 45/day when staying with a friend or family or at least EUR 95/day when staying at a hotel; an employment contract or freelance contract can be provided by those who will use this visa as a Belgium digital nomad visa;
  4. Limited stay: the short-stay visa is issued for a period of 90 days and it can be renewed; in most cases, it allows for one entry or two entries into the country;

Our Belgium immigration team can give you more information about these requirements if you are ready to apply.

For those who are interested in other types of visas, such as those that lead to residency following investment, you can reach out to our team of experts.

Reasons to stay in Belgium as a digital nomad

Belgium is a small country with an excellent location in Europe. Some of the benefits for those who apply for the equivalent of the Belgium digital nomad visa are the following:

  • Quality of life: Brussels scores well in areas such as access to health services, work-life balance, or civic engagement;
  • Expat friendliness: Brussels in particular is welcoming for people from around the world and also for students;
  • Connectivity: digital nomads will enjoy good internet speed and coverage in the country; moreover, with the equivalent of a Belgium digital nomad visa you will be able to remain in the country and explore the co-working and virtual office options;
  • Location in Europe: Belgium can be a great location to base your remote office; Paris, Amsterdam and Luxembourg are easily accessible.

Do you want to move from the UK to Belgium? Or perhaps from another country? Receive the needed ongoing assistance by reaching out to our team of immigration experts.

A digital nomad who continues to renew his residence permit can be eligible for Belgian citizenship once he has completed 5 years of uninterrupted stay in Belgium. During this time, one must show that he is integrated into society, that he has economic participation, and that he has sufficient knowledge of one of the three recognized languages in the country.

Relocating to the country as a digital nomad can be a great step toward getting accustomed to the local business culture and way of life.

Contact us if you want to immigrate to Belgium or have any questions related to short-term or long-term stays.

Digital nomads will need to remain in the country based on a residence permit for Belgium. While their work allows them to travel frequently, they will need to remain in the country lawfully, according to their nationality. EU citizens may remain in Belgium for up to three months, however, digital nomads who wish to stay longer will also need to follow certain residency formalities. Our team can detail these.