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Employee Relocation to Belgium

Employee Relocation to Belgium

Are you interested in looking for a job opportunity in Belgium? Or are you a Belgian company owner interested in employee relocation to Belgium?

Our Belgium immigration specialists discuss the main issues to take into account when you are willing to either (a) hire foreign employees as an employer in the country or (b) look to become employed in Belgium.

Located at the heart of Europe, Belgium is not only the country where several important official seats of  EU bodies are found, but it also offers great opportunities for employment, especially for individuals from neighboring countries who can easily commute to Brussels.

If you would like to know more about personnel relocation to Belgium, or need assistance from a local team of Belgium immigration specialists when hiring foreign employees, our team can answer your questions.

Employee relocation to Belgium

Belgian companies interested in relocating one or more employees to the country should consider preparing an attractive relocation package. Some of the issues to keep in mind are the following:

  • Housing options or a set amount of compensation to cover part or all of the housing costs;
  • Support for the family members, if applicable; having the option to relocate with one’s family members to Belgium can greatly influence the employees’ decision to move to the country;
  • Tailored packages: because each employee is different, and has different family needs, the relocation packages put together by the Belgian company should be personalized;
  • The legal requirements will differ according to the nationality of the foreign employees: the Belgian company will generally be asked to apply for a work permit for its relocated non-EU nationals.

Are you a foreign national looking for employment in Belgium? Here are some of the most important issues you should take into account in terms of employee rights as well as important matters to attend to before your relocation:

  • Visa: different entry conditions apply for EU and non-EU nationals; the latter will need a visa to remain in the country and, for employees, the employer is the one who will need to apply for a work permit;
  • Social security: both the employer and the employee make social security payments; the calculation base is different for blue-collar employers, compared to white-collar ones;
  • Minimum salary: the authorities set the annual minimum salary requirements and these differ according to the region in which the employee will work (Brussels Region, Wallon, or Flemish); the minimum salary also differs according to the job position;
  • Annual leave: the usual amount of leave each year is 4 weeks for full-time employees.

Other important issues to take into account will involve housing, health insurance, as well as schooling options (for those relocating with children).

Our team can provide separate counsel for Belgian employers who are interested in employee relocation to Belgium. We offer guidance to both parties and we can also assist company owners interested in knowing more about their responsibilities concerning the application for the individual’s work permit.

Employee taxation in Belgium

There are no special or additional taxes for employers who are interested in personnel relocation to Belgium. The company will be subject to social security contributions as usual.

For the individual relocating to Brussels or another city, the main personal income tax rates are summarized below by our specialists:

  • 25%: for income of up to 13,870: an individual income tax applies (excluding the communal surcharges);
  • 40%: for income between EUR 13,870 and EUR23,120 (excluding the communal surcharges);
  • 45%: in case of income between EUR 23,120 and EUR 42,370 (also excluding the communal surcharges);
  • 50%: in case of income over EUR 42,370 (excluding the communal surcharges).

An individual is considered a resident for tax purposes if his domicile is located in Belgium for the duration of the income year.

Please keep in mind that the personal income tax rates herein were in force at the time this article was written. Depending on when you are relocating to Belgium, you might want to check that these taxes still apply. Our team can answer your questions.

Employee relocation to Belgium can be a lucrative opportunity for both the employer and the employee. However, the individual starting a new life in Belgium will need to follow a few important steps for his or her relocation. If you are relocating to the country with your partner, do not hesitate to reach out to our immigration specialists for information on family reunification in Belgium.

If you want to know more about personnel relocation to Belgium, please do not hesitate to contact our Belgium immigration experts.