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Family Reunion Visa in Belgium

Family Reunion Visa in Belgium

Joining a family member who already lives in Belgium is possible with the family reunion visa Belgium. This is a document that applies to foreign nationals, EU and non-EU, who wish to settle in the country with other family members. If you want to join you,r spouse or children who are already settled in the country and have become residents, you can apply for this visa with our help.

Conditions apply for both the foreign national who is in the country (in terms of having to lawfully reside) as well as for the family reunification visa Belgium applicant, who will need to provide proof of the relationship as well as other documents.

What is the family reunion visa in Belgium?

Joining a family member who is already in Belgium is possible under the Law of 15 December 1980 and the procedure is slightly different, depending on the nationality of the applicant as well as the nationality of the person with whom the reunification is desired.

Applying for family reunification in Belgium is common for many foreign nationals who relocate to the country. One of the spouses or partners may be the first one to apply for a work permit or come to the country to start a business and it is only natural for the spouse and other family members, such as children (if applicable) to join him or her.

An important issue to keep in mind is that, for the family reunion visa in Belgium to be issued to the applicant, the family member already living in the country must have completed the residence formalities. Our team of immigration specialists in Belgium can help answer your questions if you have already arrived in the country and need assistance with the mandatory formalities. You will need to register with the municipality in your area of residence and prepare a number of documents in advance, so that the process can run as smoothly as possible.

How do I apply for the family reunification visa in Belgium for EU nationals?

Settling in Belgium with other EU family members is possible under certain conditions. The list of family members who can apply for this visa includes:

  • the spouse;
  • the partner (at least 21 years old);
  • the residence permit’s holders ascendants and those of their partner who are in their care;
  • the descendants under 21 years of age and those of the partner.

This means that one can obtain a family reunion visa in Belgium both for his parents and for his or her spouse’s parents, as may be needed. Their children can also obtain the visa when they are under 21 years of age, even if the children are from separate marriages.

Once reunited with the family member who is already a lawful Belgian resident, the joining family member will enter the five-year period after which one can be eligible for citizenship in Belgium. In addition to the minimum 5-year stay, the individual will also need to be socially integrated, as well as to gain satisfactory knowledge of one of the three recognized languages.

The video below summarizes the main conditions when applying for a family reunification visa:

Can I apply for family reunification in Belgium for a non-EU spouse?

Yes, and in this case two situations are possible: either a non-EU citizen joins an EU citizen in Belgium or a non-EU citizen joins a non-EU citizen already living in Belgium.

When a non-EU spouse joins a non-EU spouse already living in Belgium, the following documents are required:

  1. Identification documents: the national passport which needs to be valid for more than 12 months (to which the visa will be affixed);
  2. Visa application: the applicant of the family reunification visa in Belgium will need to provide the filled in visa application form, with a recent colored photograph;
  3. Proof of income: the person who is joined must have at least six months’ worth of stable, regular income to meet his/her needs and the needs of the member(s) who join;
  4. Proof of accommodation: the person being jointed in Belgium needs to have sufficient accommodation (property purchase, rental agreement);
  5. Others: copy of the residence permit of the person who is joined, proof of health insurance or copy of private travel insurance.

The spouses will also need to provide the marriage certificate when applying for the family reunion visa in Belgium. The application is submitted by the person who wishes to join the one who is already in Belgium and this is done in person.

Some of the 2021 fees imposed by the Belgian Immigration Office include the following:

  • EUR 209 for the residence visa as a family member of a foreign national;
  • EUR 366 for long-term residence for professional activities;
  • EUR 63 for residing in Belgium after having obtained long-term residence in another EU member state.

Please keep in mind that this is only a brief list of the needed documents. The authorities may request additional details in order to approve the family reunification in Belgium.

Working with one of our experienced immigration specialists in Belgium is useful when submitting the application to join a family member, EU or non-EU national who is already living in the country. We can help you prepare the documents, as required by the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs.

Obtaining a residence permit for Belgium for the accompanying family members is important for many foreign nationals who relocate to the country in pursuit of new and promising employment or business opportunities. Our team can walk you through the steps needed for your family members, so that they can join you as soon as possible after your relocation to a Belgian city.

Contact us if you need more information about the family reunion visa in Belgium.