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Immigrate to Belgium from Ukraine

Immigrate to Belgium from Ukraine

Ukrainian nationals who are leaving their home country are subject to a special directive that allows them to benefit from protection in the context of a mass influx of displaced individuals.

Under normal circumstances, in order to immigrate to Belgium from Ukraine, the foreign national would be required to apply for a temporary residence permit which, in time, would be replaced with a permanent one and, ultimately, with naturalization.

Following the special situation of Ukrainians fleeing the situation in their country, Belgium and other EU countries have implemented a special temporary protection regime, detailed below.

Our Belgium immigration lawyer offers complete assistance for Ukrainian nationals who have questions about entering the country and their right to remain here.

You can reach out to us at any time, whether before departing Ukraine or once you arrive in Belgium if you are in need of legal support and assistance.

Temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens

The exceptional European Council Decision issued in March 2022 grants temporary protection to Ukrainian nationals feeling their country after the Russian invasion.

The directive has been transposed into Belgian law and it applies to the following categories of individuals:

Ukrainian nationals and their family members who were residing in Ukraine (as their primary place of residence) before 24 February 2022;

Stateless persons, as well as third-country nationals and their family members who benefited from international protection in Ukraine and were residing in the country before 24 February 2022;

Family members include spouses or the unmarried partner in a stable relationship, minor children (adopted or born out of wedlock included), other close relatives;

Stateless persons include those who were legal Ukrainian residents at the time and are presently unable safely to return to their country of origin.

If you fall under one of these categories, our Belgium immigration lawyer can help you.

Frequently asked questions

Seeking personalized assistance, such as the services provided by our team, can be helpful for foreign nationals who have fled their country and are only just arriving in Belgium.

While each situation is different, we answer some of the most common questions below.

How long can you remain in Belgium?

The following rules apply:

  •  90 days under the short term stay;
  • 180 days under the extended short term stay;
  • 1 year if registered for temporary protection.

Ukrainian nationals can enter the country without a visa, only with a valid biometric passport.

Given the situation in their home country, Ukrainians do not need to worry if they stay longer than 180 days.

A requirement is in place for Ukrainian nationals to notify the municipality in their area of residence if they intend to prolong their stay.

The period of 1 year for temporary protection can be extended twice, for 6-month periods, should the EU Council decide to end the temporary protection rules prior to the expiry date of the card issued for this purpose.

Our team can give you more information about the conditions under which the temporary protection status can be extended. We can also answer your questions if your purpose is to immigrate to Belgium from Ukraine.

Do you want to remain in Belgium indefinitely? The route is to acquire Belgian citizenship, and this is available to Ukrainian citizens who have been staying in Belgium for an uninterrupted period of 5 years. An important condition is to have a valid residence permit during all of the mandatory five years. Language knowledge, as well as proof of economic participation, are also needed.

Can you work in Belgium?

Yes, provided that the individual has registered for temporary protection with the authorities and has the A Card issued for this purpose.

Employment is also possible with the proof of having registered for the A Card (while the foreign national awaits its issuance).

Contact our Belgium immigration specialists if you need special assistance after you have arrived in the country.

If you want to immigrate to Belgium from Ukraine, our team is here to assist you.

We assist foreign nationals from any country who wish to move to Belgium. Reach out to us if you are moving from the UK or the US.

We also offer assistance with residence permit applications for nationals of countries other than Ukraine. If you would like to know more about the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Belgium, its validity and renewal, as well as how you can change from one type of permit to another, please reach out to our local team of specialists. We can answer your questions and provide guidance as needed.