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Immigration Lawyer Belgium

Immigration Lawyer Belgium

Belgium, and its capital city, Brussels, are often referred to as the heart of Europe. Not only because of their geographical position but also because the capital region holds a number of important European Union institutions. It is only natural for the country to be a multicultural hub, a place where many foreign nationals are looking for opportunities.

Moving to Belgium is an important life decision and it will include a number of mandatory steps, in order to make sure that the new resident is compliant with the laws in force. Our immigration lawyers in Belgium offer tailored services, fitted to the needs of our clients looking to relocate to the country.

Belgium’s Immigration Law is of interest when discussing any type of relocation, whether this is a permanent or a temporary one, one intended for employment or family reunification. Working with a team of specialized lawyers can be significantly helpful for all foreign nationals, including those from the European Union who benefit from more relaxed visa laws. Our services are also helpful for those who are already living in the country and are ready to apply for citizenship. How can our immigration lawyer in Belgium help you? Read on to find out more.

Complete assistance for moving to Belgium

Working with an immigration lawyer has numerous advantages, starting with the fact that you can reduce the overall application time because you will be fully informed on the visa and/or work and residence permit application requirements. The distinction between the visa and the Belgium residence permit is an important one, especially for foreign nationals who come from a country that has not signed a visa liberalization agreement with the European Union. An example can include Chinese citizens, however, many more foreign nationals from third countries who are interested in Belgium immigration will need to observe this requirement.

Our team of immigration lawyers offers fully tailored answers to questions regarding visa requirements, Schengen visas as well as the work permit and Belgian residence permit, and the other types of residence permits. You can reach out to our agents from the earliest stages of the relocation process, right before you decide to submit the visa application with your local Belgian Embassy or Consulate.

An immigration lawyer can also answer questions about a foreign national’s eligibility for Belgian citizenship. This is awarded following a complex evaluation of not only the minimum lawful time spent in the country (which is five years in most cases), but also other criteria. Acquiring citizenship in Belgium is possible for those who are socially and economically integrated in the country.

The main services offered by our immigration lawyer in Belgium

Our services can be divided into pre and post-arrival ones, as well as according to the main reason for the individual’s relocation. As such, we provide assistance for obtaining the following types of residence permits:

  1. Employment: foreign nationals who intend to engage in a professional activity and have secured employment with a Belgian employer will apply for the work permit in Belgium; this is paired with the long-stay visa;
  2. Study: coming to study in Belgium is another option for long-term relocation and the permit can be applied for once the individual has been admitted to a Belgian University, such as the University of Antwerp;
  3. Investment: investing in Belgium is available to all foreign nationals as there are no restrictions on company foreign ownership; the procedure for setting up the business will include the registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises; a long-term visa type D will also be required and our immigration lawyer in Belgium can provide more details;
  4. Family reunification: it is possible when the applicant already has a relative who is a resident in Belgium or perhaps has already obtained Belgian citizenship.

Understanding the main requirements for each of these permits is important and this is where our team of immigration lawyers in Belgium can provide complete assistance. We can offer you more details about the needed documents, both the general ones (that are required in case of all permits, such as a valid passport) as well as the permit-specific ones such as the employment contract or proof of admission to a Belgian University as well as proof of family relationship for reunification purposes.

Our Belgium immigration lawyer can also help you with a number of post-arrival procedures, such as:

  • Housing: reviewing and providing legal assistance when signing rent or property purchase agreements;
  • Registration: assistance for local registration with the municipality in your area of residence; our immigration lawyer in Belgium can give you information based on the region where you live (as there are differences between Flanders and Wallonia, for example);
  • Taxation: information about the tax laws in Belgium applicable to employees as well as those who wish to start their own business;
  • Others: assistance for opening a bank account in Belgium, signing up for insurance, the equivalence of diplomas in Belgium, and the exchange of the driver’s license, when needed.

Please keep in mind that these are only part of the expat services we provide in Belgium. Each individual or family who chooses to relocate to the country will do so under different circumstances, all of which are to be taken into consideration. Our team of Belgium immigration specialists knows that each visa application is to be treated with consideration for its main purpose (study, employment, etc.) as well as the applicant’s general situation. You can always reach out to our immigration lawyers in Belgium to find out more about our personalized services.

Our immigration lawyer focuses on providing guidance and assistance to those who wish to apply for a Belgian residence permit, irrespective of nationality. Nonetheless, foreign nationals may find that they still require guidance after their arrival in the country. We can answer questions about school registrations for foreign children or changing one’s driver’s license into a Belgian one.

Belgium immigration statistics

There are many foreign nationals living in Belgium, as highlighted by the following estimated figures (provided by the Belgian Statistical Office):

  • 87.5% of the population growth in 2018 could be the result of international migration;
  • the largest influx was among Romanians in the 2018-2019 period, with 9,144 individuals;
  • other top immigrant nationalities were Moroccans, 4,110, and French, 3,198.

For more information about the services we provide, please contact our Belgium immigration lawyer.